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Welcome to La Tiendona Market

La Tiendona Market set down its roots in Calgary in November of 1993.

La Tiendona’s goal is to offer key ingredients used in Latin-American cooking such as tortillas, corn flour, salsas and many more.

Over the course of more than twenty years, La Tiendona has blossomed more than any other competitor in Calgary. Loved and considered to be the best source for hispanic and latino goods, La Tiendona has become the crown jewel of the Latin American community in Calgary.

Luis Villatoro, known affectionately as “Don Luis” in and out of the store, is the soul of La Tiendona. Through him, La Tiendona has reached out to many provinces and has expanded its horizons. Now acting as main supplier of Romero’s tortillas across Canada, Don Luis has made La Tiendona the main source for both retail and wholesale.

Despite the store’s success, Don Luis is always in awe by the love and support La Tiendona receives from its customers. It is thanks to everyone who comes into La Tiendona that it is still here today as a part of Calgary’s vibrant and exciting community; because of the people, it will continue to grow and offer the best service to anyone who walks through the door.